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Synway Smg3000-b2l Digital Voip Gateway

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The Synway SMG3000-B1L/B2L are new generation customizable and upgraded cost effective digital 1E1 and 2E1 VoIP media gateway, with mini size for better space and shipment efficiency, and belongs to new members of Synway’s VoIP gateway family that enables service providers and enterprises to maximize value of their networks and services. These two 1E1 and 2E1 VoIP media gateways convert digital E1/T1 PSTN message into IP formats and secures sessions across IP and mixed network boundaries.

SMG3000-B1L/B2L VoIP media gateways are unparalleledly cost effective and compliant with PRI ISDN, R2 and Optional SS7 packets, and adopt the equivalent hardware architecture like Synway’s other Telco’ grade SMG3000 series, with dedicated DSP chipsets for processing IP/TDM signaling and optimizing voice quality. Compared with rival products, SMG3000-1BL/2BL digital VoIP media gateway features high reliability and unmatched cost, and delivers a perfect alternative option for enterprises & SP.

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