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An auto dialer, also known as an automatic dialer or outbound dialer, is a telephony system that automatically dials phone numbers from a predefined list and routes the calls to agents or prerecorded messages when the calls are answered. Auto dialers are commonly used in outbound call centers for various purposes, including telemarketing, sales, customer surveys, appointment reminders, debt collection, and more.

Auto dialers work with lists of phone numbers to dial. These lists can be generated from various sources, such as customer databases, purchased leads, or targeted lists based on specific criteria. The content of these lists includes phone numbers and sometimes additional information about the contacts, such as names, addresses, or demographics. It offers different dialing modes to suit different campaign requirements.

Common dialing modes include preview dialing where agents review contact information before dialing, power dialing where dialer dials multiple numbers simultaneously for each agent, predictive dialing where dialer predicts agent availability and dials numbers accordingly, and in progressive dialing dialer dials one number per agent at a time.


How to work Auto Dialer ?

how-to-work-auto-dialer.jpg For campaigns involving live agent interactions, auto dialers often include features for scripting. Call scripts contain prewritten dialogue or prompts that agents can follow during their conversations with contacts. Scripts typically include greetings, introductions, key selling points, rebuttals, and closing statements to guide agents through the conversation and ensure consistency and compliance.

Industry Leading Voice Solutions

industry.jpg Voice broadcasting In cases where live agent interactions are not necessary, auto dialers can deliver prerecorded voice messages to contacts. These messages can be used for various purposes, such as delivering announcements, reminders, notifications, or promotional offers. The content of these messages is recorded in advance and can be customized to suit the campaign objectives and target audience. Auto dialers often include features to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards governing outbound calling practices, such as the Telephone Regulatory Authority of India TRAI in the India. These features may include options for call recording and monitoring, caller ID management, time zone compliance, and tools for managing opt-outs or Do Not Call DNC. Auto dialers provide reporting and analytics tool to track campaign performance and agent productivity. Reports may include metrics such as call volume, connect rates, talk times, conversion rates. This tool help call center managers to optimize campaigns, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions.

Services Of Auto Dialer

Dial Order

Dial Order, your ultimate solution for effortless communication and seamless coordination. Say goodbye to the hassle of complex ordering processes and hello to streamlined efficiency like never before.

Auto Call Answer

Auto Call Answer and enjoy the freedom to focus on the road or your tasks without worrying about missed opportunities. Whether you're driving, working, or simply busy, Auto Call Answer ensures you never miss a beat.

Dialer List Upload

Save time and resources by automating the process of creating call lists. Whether you're reaching out to clients, organizing meetings, or conducting surveys, Auto Dial List Upload ensures you're always prepared.

Skill Based Dailing

With Skill-Based Dialing, you can ensure that your calls are directed to the right person every time. Our intelligent system identifies the most qualified team member based on their skills and expertise.

Dialer Notification

With Dialer Notification, you'll never miss an important call again. Our system sends instant notifications directly to your device, keeping you informed of incoming calls even when you're away from your desk

Answer Machine Detection

With Answer Machine Detection, you can automatically identify whether a call has been answered by a person or a machine. Say farewell to the frustration of leaving messages on voicemails that go unheard.
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